images (2)I have what my family calls, “the family curse.” My father, my grand-father and my uncle all suffer from gout. I wasn’t surprised the morning I woke up with a swollen big toe and couldn’t walk. I knew the symptoms; I had seen them before with my dad. I knew I was at risk because I have a few beers every night after work and I love salami sandwiches.

Well, I was off to the doctor and I knew what he would say. He tested my uric acid levels and they were really high. He also put me on several medications that had horrid side-effects. I had nausea, vomiting and diarrhea for weeks. I was out of my mind and just wanted relief.

Ready To Take Gout Symptoms Into My Own Hands

I did the right thing by being evaluated by my doctor first. I tried all the conventional medical treatments and they made me feel sicker. But what was I supposed to do about my painful symptoms? I hurt so badly and I was bedridden. I needed to find something that would work with my body, not against it and restore my health.images

I discovered that there were several natural supplements that helped to control gout symptoms and reduce uric acid levels. I started by drinking lots of water and keeping my foot elevated. I cut out foods high in purine like; beer and organ meats and my favorite salami sandwich. It helped a little, but I needed more support.

I Found Relief With Goutclear

goutclearI knew there had to be more out there. I looked long and hard at the different natural remedies and found the things that I would need in a supplement. I looked online and found a most impressive website for a natural gout remedy called, GoutClear. It is an all-natural supplement that contains the best of the natural ingredients to help relieve gout symptoms and lower uric acid levels naturally. It contains helpful ingredients like; Tart Cherry Extract to help lower my inflammation and uric acid levels, Turmeric for my inflammation and pain, Rutin to help lower the formation of crystals and many other things to help my body fight gout naturally.

My symptoms cleared up quickly ad over a relatively short amount of time, my uric acid levels begin to come down. My doctor was impressed with my improvement and I felt so much better. I now follow a good healthy diet, drink more fluids and take my GoutClear religiously!

GoutClear is easy to take, only one Capsule in the morning and one Capsule at night. I wanted the added benefits of Tart Cherry so I went ahead and got a bottle of Goutclear’s Tart Cherry Extract. This was an added bonus and helped relieve my inflammation and pain faster.

GoutClear Clearly Is The Best Gout Relief Product On The Market

I was an instant fan of GoutClear because of their informative website and stellar customer service. The product works very well and I am satisfied with it 100%. I recommend GoutClear for anyone suffering from unrelieved gout pain and inflammation. Using it helped to bring back my quality of life!

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